Seawest®  are  driven  through  a series of  new strategic themes, each requiring distinctive technologies and risk management.


Investment priorities


Our engines in heartland upstream and downstream are strongly cash generative, mature businesses, which will underpin our financial performance to at least the end of this decade, and beyond.  Here, we apply Seawest®  distinctive technology and operating performance to extend the productive lives of our assets and to enhance their profitability, and we make investments in selective growth positions.


Our growth priorities are in three strategic themes, namely: deep water, integrated gas and resources plays such as shale gas -unconventional-. These will provide our medium term growth, and we expect them to become core engines in the future. Here, we use the advantages of Seawest® technological new know-how and global scale to unlock highly competitive resources positions.


Our future opportunities include Africa, Asia, Europe and South Europe heavy oil, light oil, gas condensate and oil/gas resources, petroleum and petrochemical processing, where there are large reserves positions potentially available, with the pace of development driven by market and local operating conditions. Trade Union by stock exchanges with our fund management activities and management of Seawest Mining Ltd. London.