Seawest™ Industries Group was founded in 1996 as a mining resource and tobacco company in the United Kingdom London Trafalgar Square. Today, Seawest™ Industrial Group are one of the international corporation with vast experience in supplying various technologies and energy products, manage Seawest processing factories to the different regions of the world and handling service companies for international assets.


Seawest™ Industrial Group manages Industries companies and investments-assets companies worldwide in the field of  medical factories, medicaments and services, energy resources, banking-asstes, and exclusive services for refineries and International Automotive Trading with major customers,  Seawest manages the Seawest™ trademark line and Seawest™ mining worldwide.


Seawest Trading:

Crude oil trade

Crude oil shipping

Petrocemical trade


Seawest Management and Investments:

Management of Seawest Factories/mining/drilling

Seawest™ investment of mining and licences, drilling ect.


Seawest  Assets Services:

Management of privat trading program

Management and service of assets products

Stock exchange service for Seawest mining

Stock exchange service


Subsidiary Company Seawest  Mining and Drilling:

Seawest Mining Ltd.

London - Member of Stock Exchange Company


Seawest Mining Ltd.

Austria - Management


Seawest Mining Ltd.

Office VAE - Mining and Drilling

Office VAE for Engineers


Subsidiary Company Technologies:

Westcapitalia Industries Ltd.

London - Chemical Technologies


Medical - Medicament Products and Medical Factories:

Medicaments Representations and Services

Delivery Organisations


Westcapitalia - Automotive:

International Automotive - Major Customers



The Seawest™ Europe Team